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Hyukjae dancing to WOLF lol

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I tend to be awkward with my boyfriends, I got it ÇLKAJSDÇKASJDLÇASD


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How can I be awkward with my boyfriend?! AÇLKSDJASÇLKDJASLJD


And being the one who hates me and is my love rival, Baekhyun wants Kai too? D8

oh boy xD

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☆ Vote for him on Mnet Countdown 

(He’s #17) / M-Countdown rank method:

  • 50% Digital Single Sales
  • 10% Album Sales
  • 20% Age Preference
  • 5% Global Fan Vote
  • 10% Live Show Preferences
  • 5% SMS Vote

 Purchase the album on Soribada 

You’ll have to make an account first, but it’s easy! Just provide the necessary information and then sign up for a “LITE” plan (which means you buy $8.50 worth of songs for $6.99, which is enough to buy Henry’s album, which is only $5.99) or if you’re planning on buying more music, any of the other available plans ^^ Once you’ve done that, little “download” buttons will appear next to the tracks / album title and then you’re just a click away from having Henry’s album~! :)

 Search “헨리” on News Sites! 

Soribada | Melon | Nate | Naver | Bugs 
  • Remember to clear your browser cookies between searches on the same site!^^

Buy the Physical Album! 

All of the following sites count toward either the GAON or HANTEO Charts!

☆ Watch the Music Video 

  • Teaser
  • Video (will update with link whenever SM decides to stop twiddling their thumbs and post it >:O)
☆ Tweet @henrylau89!! 
We know how active Henry is on twitter and how he reads almost all of his mentions, so let’s spam them with positivity!!!
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how to casually call your date 101

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